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The best 2 weeks of my life! I was staying with the 2 best lads in the best apartment and we all had a blast!

Tony T - Ireland


I will definitely be doing this again.

Gill Doolin - UK

it has been just what I needed and massively inspiring musically. Not only the course sessions and host of new friends, but the live music in the evenings as well just made it a really rich experience. I'm properly hooked!

Cheryl Hooker-Blake - UK


The level of the teachers was phenomenal. Top of their game professional performers for 10 days with accomo. Great value for money. I learned so much and hope I can go again next year! A great bunch of people to play music with and going to all the night time gigs was so great. It was wonderful being told where the best places to go for the best music is. Made some wonderful friends! Directions were great to get to different gigs. All fantastic.

You did such an amazing job JP, honestly well done, everyone loved it and can't wait to play with you again in the future!

Sian Jones - Ireland

This course is fully immersive and you live and breathe the music scene of Rio for 2 weeks. There is so much going on both formally within the course then also informally with gigs and rehearsals in the evening with guides like J.P and Gabriel, you're never short of a hot tip for an awesome gig. So many different styles and genres to experience and people to meet. I feel that my interest in Brazilian music/culture has been given another major shot in the arm! Just like Arnie says........"I'll be back"

Matt Vernon - N.Ireland

Doing a workshop and being able to stay to see an evening rehearsal was very beneficial.

This course offers opportunities on a daily basis that would otherwise take weeks to organise for an independent or lone traveller. Moreover, learning as a group with multiple tutors allows one to get an overall experience that would be lacking in one-to-one lessons on any instrument.

Colin - Wales

This course exceeded my expectations.
Definitely a trip of a lifetime.
The tuition was excellent.
A valuable experience.
I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive instruction from the best Samba institutions in the word.

Dave Barrett - Coventry UK

For my first trip to Rio after such a long time of wanting to go, I was not at all disappointed. The content of the course was amazing as were the tutors. Most spoke good English and having someone to translate made the classes run smoothly. There was a good level of playing and the venues for classes were easy to get to around the city and well equipped. It was a really good chance to get to know the city and timing if classes meant that there was plenty of time for more music and fun in the evenings with the rest of the group. Communication via the Facebook group was really useful for meeting up and sharing info about gigs and music in the evenings. I would LOVE to do this course again!! Thank you so much for this amazing experience JP.

Naomi Maddick - UK

What can I say? I had such an amazing time on this course! There was a good varied program of workshops and I got the opportunity to visit and play at places I'd never have had the chance to otherwise. Maybe most importantly, I feel like I've made a pile of new friends with all the fellow lovelies on the course. The social side was yet another bonus and we got to soak up the music culture with all our nights out. Accommodation was super plush and in a safe area

John Sweeney - N.Ireland


Overall I absolutely loved the course. Fantastic apartment, amazing tutors, I can't believe how lucky we were. Perfect amount of time in the morning to go for a quick run along Copacabana beach before starting an intense day of learning, then live music at night..

Course Participant

Firstly, thank you to JP and Gabriel for providing us with such an amazing opportunity, and for their tireless work in guiding us through and keeping us safe. It was an honour for me to get taught by experts and be able to play samba in its homeland with such a talented and welcoming group of people. It was a fantastic experience with memories to last a lifetime. Obrigado!

Andy Marshall - Brighton UK

It was an incredible few weeks. We experienced so much, learned even more and I made some brilliant friends.

Rachel Armstrong - Manchester UK

Overall, it was a great experience

Malcolm Duffitt - Brighton UK

It was an amazing experience! Thanks so much to both you and Gabriel for all your hard work (and all the teachers). It was clear that a huge amount of effort went into making it happen. I loved visiting all the legendary samba schools. The location was perfect.

Clare Halden - Brighton UK

It was an amazing experience, I felt very supported by the teachers in the workshops. It was brilliant to visit. quadras as really felt we experienced true samba culture. The communication before and during the course was excellent I always knew what was happening etc

Course Participant


What you are doing is amazing JP, and I think this course is just life-changing. Eye-opening and life-changing. No one, amateur or professional, would ever regret participating in this course. It gives musical knowledge and valuable experiences that will leave a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life. The contacts that you and Gabriel have make all the difference. BIG LOVE AND HUGS! THANK YOU!!! XXX

Lucy Landymore

Copa Leme Seafront.jpeg

Accommodation Feedback

The apartment was excellent and situated perfectly

Dave Barrett - Coventry UK

I loved our apartment

Rachel - Manchester UK

One of the best trip I have ever had

Sylvia -Hong Kong

It was probably higher quality than expected.

Chris Malarky - Manchester UK

Amazing accommodation!

Clare - Brighton UK

Location of the apartment was perfect, doormen were friendly

Willem de Gooyert - Brighton UK

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