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Online lessons for individuals
and groups with JP Courtney


Price list


Per hour

Offer - *First individual lesson £35*

Individual - £40

2 people - £60

3 people - £70

4 people - £80

All payments to be made by bank transfer following the lesson.

Cancellations within 72 hours will incur 100% of the fee.

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Price List

I use Zoom. It's free and easy to use. Click on the image to sign up and download the app.

Improve your technique or learn something from scratch, get to grips with a new arrangement or break, get basic or advanced knowledge on a new instrument or ask for specific advice from world renowned percussionist and tutor JP Courtney.

Choose from pandeiro, caixa, congasrepique, tamborim, surdo, timbau, agogô, chocalho, repique de mão, repique de anel and tantan. Or maybe get tips on directing a bateria and running a bateria so you can have the same sound as a group from Rio. Advice is also available on the best instruments and the balance you need to get the best sound. You will also gain cultural and historical knowledge plus all relevant Portuguese language terms.

Group sessions. Get your whole group or instrument section skilled up. A popular choice is to have the whole group learn an arrangement section by section.

The studio is well lit and all instruments are mic'd up for a really clear sound. It's easy to follow along and you will get through the same amount of material as you would in a face to face session.

You will be sent a zoom link just before the start of the session so you can join.

Please have either the instrument you want to learn or at least a beater (if necessary) so you can hit something if the instrument is not to hand. It's also good if you can either wear headphones or put the audio through some external speakers.

To help with your ongoing study JP will record important parts of the class and send them to you afterwards. There is no additional charge for this.

You can tell JP what you would like to do in the session or he can make some suggestions for you. You will be given exercises to help you improve your playing and challenge you in between sessions.

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