Online Lessons for Individuals

and groups by JP Courtney

Price list


Per hour non professional musicians

Individual - £30

2 people - £40

3 people - £48

4 people - £60

All payments to be made by bank transfer following the lesson.

Starting at only £20 per hour. I offer lessons in pandeiro, caixa, congasrepique, tamborim, surdo, timbau, chocalho, repique de mão, repique de anel and tantan. We also offer sessions on directing a bateria and how to run a bateria to get the same results they get in Rio. Advice is also available on the best instruments and the balance you need to get the best sound.

I also can give cultural and historical background plus all relevant Portuguese language terms.

Group sessions. I can teach your whole group at the same time or section by section over different sessions. A popular choice is to have the whole group learn something section by section in order to have something new to play when they are next together.

For the classes you will need to have either the instrument you want to learn or at least a beater so you can hit something if the instrument is not to hand. It's also good if you can either wear headphones or put the audio through some speakers.

To help with your ongoing study I will record important parts of the class and send them to you afterwards.

You can tell me what you would like to do in the session or I can make some suggestions for you. I will give you exercises to do to improve your playing and challenge you in between sessions.


I use Zoom. It's free and easy to use. Click on the image to sign up and download the app.