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Join us for one of our Open Days or Monthly Rehearsals.

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Monthly Rehearsals in Birmingham From £198 for 11 sessions.


Be part of a bateria of great players, learn and perform music from world-class tutors and performers led by JP Courtney. Join us at our monthly rehearsals.


Sessions are aimed at musical directors, instrumentalists, experienced players, aspiring and talented musicians and enthusiasts.

What's included in the price?

All tuition (Open day, band rehearsals and Bossas class) rehearsal videos, administration, and loan of any instruments for rehearsals and performances where possible.

Free t-shirt to wear for performances.



Muthers Studio, 14 Rea St South, Birmingham B5 6LB


£329 for all 11 sessions. Payable in instalments.

Discounted to £299 if the total is paid on registration.


*A special price of £198 for people who are students or are registered as self-employed musicians.

Please read our full terms and conditions here

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