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Open days

Sunday 18 Sept 2022

Sunday 9 Oct 2022


Muthers studio

14 Rea St S, Birmingham B5 6LB

Come and learn some of the beats, breaks and songs we use at Carnaval Transatlântico.

Choose from one or two five hour sessions (with breaks of course). Led by J P Courtney and his team of section directors. You will learn a few styles of traditional carnival music from Rio. There will be plenty of samba plus some other rhythms to show the diversity our group uses.

Instruments - Surdo 1st 2nd 3rd, Caixa, Repique, Tamborim, Agogô, Chocalho, Triangle and Timbau.

Our musical director (J P Courtney) is linked with many Samba Schools, Blocos, Mestres de Bateria and musicians in Rio. He is up to the minute on the latest things coming out of Rio. As well as being a highly skilled percussionist he is also a world class tutor. Something which is a rarity. J P will also have assistant directors working alongside him so there will be plenty of highly skilled musicians around to watch and learn from.

COVID-19 info

We will be adhering to all necessary government guidelines in order to keep members of our group as safe as possible. We expect all participants to follow any guidelines put in place by us or the venue.

The bateria rehearsaing our Ghostbusters break in Birmingham.


Individual - £29.50 early bird (first 10 places)

Full price £35


Students and self employed musicians £22

£1.50 booking fee

Please read our full terms and conditions here

Registration opening soon

What Next?


Join our band!

The purpose of this class is to give you a flavour of the music we perform. If afterwards you are interested in joining the band please read though the information on the main band registration page to make sure that you meet all the criteria to be able to take part.

Please note this is not suitable to people who are new to the world of music and drumming. The class will move at a medium to fast pace and participants are expected to learn the material and study it in-between rehearsals.

Participants who go on to join for the full year will get a £20 reduction for each open day they attend.

We perform at a combination UK and international events. Plans are already taking shape for some projects in 2023. We also work with visiting artists from Rio other talented professionals who join us on the stage. More news on that when you join up.