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Brazilian percussion instruments - Online Shop
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We believe quality instruments are essential for any player of Brazilian percussion music – Our online shop brings you a diverse range of instruments from tamborims and agogo bells to larger wooden drums and accessories at great prices. Based in Hertfordshire, we carefully pack and deliver your order to wherever you are in London or the rest of the UK.


Our suppliers are manufacturers who value excellent craftsmanship, and this is reflected in our Brazilian tamborims, beaters and wood percussion instruments, all of which are made to last a long time and produce amazing sounds.

Brazilian Tamborims

A tamborim is a small hand-held drum that is one of the most commonly used percussion instruments in Samba traditions across Brazil. As well as clave patterns and complex rhythms to accompany the samba song the tamborim also plays the carreteiro or samba swing pattern in band performances and carnivals. Our tamborim beaters are made from quality materials to bring the richest sound out of your tamborim.

Wood Percussion Instruments

We sell a range of wooden drums and smaller hand-held percussion instruments made in Brazil from quality natural wood.


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Take a look at our full range of tamborims and other Brazilian percussion instruments in our online store.

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