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Mestre Macaco Branco Sapucai

Mestre Macaco Branco

Mestre de bateria since 2018 at his beloved samba school in Rio de Janeiro, Unidos de Vila Isabel. Winner of the golden standard (Estandarte de Ouro) in 2019 and 2020 for creativity and Bateria respectively. He is a skilled musician who has recorded with some of the biggest names in Brazilian music.

A master of both samba and community, Macaco Branco shares his art through important social projects, leaving a mark of talent and commitment to the joy of his people. He not only teaches rhythm but also inspires others to embrace the culture.




Gabriel Lopes

Gabriel is a respected percussionist, composer and samba school bateria researcher. He’s been playing with Rio’s most renowned carnival Bloco, Monobloco for 22 years and has been a tutor at their percussion classes in Rio for the past 10 years.

As a guitarist, he has released many of his own compositions. Notably, Gabriel composed and performed his own entry for Mangueira, the most prestigious samba school in Rio. To date, he has released three books about samba schools’ baterias. Gabriel also runs a website and YouTube channel where he shares his research on the subject




J P Promo pic.jpeg

J P Courtney

Multi percussionist, arranger, director and course organiser from Ireland. He’s the owner of J P Percussion Ltd and has been specialising in Brazilian percussion since 1999.

Well-known for his drumming skills and dynamic teaching ability, J P is always a reliable addition to any workshop. He is the musical director of Carnaval Transatlântico, the first non Brazilian based group to perform in the official Rio street carnival. J P is also known for his vast list of connections in the percussion scene in Rio and his online shop of quality Brazilian percussion instruments.




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