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Samba Breaks & Beats is a percussion workshop tour which serves up a mix of contemporary rhythms, techniques, breaks and inventions from Rio's samba school baterias.


The 2024 UK, Ireland and European tour will be delivered by renowned samba percussion tutors - Mestre Macaco Branco, Gabriel Lopes and J P Courtney. Their efficient and creative teaching style will deliver inspiring results to participants at any playing level.


Limited weekday, evening and weekend workshop slots available. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a workshop for your students, group, business, school, college or university. A document containing this years fees is available on request.

Mestre Macaco Branco Sapucai 2

Mestre Macaco Branco

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25th April - 13th May

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Gabriel Lopes

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J P Courtney

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Samba Breaks & Beats is a percussion workshop tour, which will focus on the new inventions of the most traditional baterias (percussion groups) from Rio de Janeiro. Our goal is to bring fresh information straight from the source. New ways of playing the samba groove, the latest technique approaches, tuning of the instruments, the best drum breaks from the most recent carnival as well as new ways of playing the turns and repique calls. It’s a workshop with a strong focus on an efficient teaching method which will improve technique, show new inventions and expand the mind as well as the musical vocabularies of participants at any level.

All workshops are taught with a fun relaxed approach and can be planned with you in order to suit your needs.


As well as the tuition, workshop participants will receive 2 free e-books. One includes the notes from the class and another contains the grooves of the Rio Samba Schools. All were written by Gabriel Lopes.


We will also bring our shop of instruments, accessories, books and t-shirts so they are available for students to browse and purchase.

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