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Made from thinner lightweight aluminium - perfect for young players

Approximate dimensions: 10" head diameter and 12" height

Ribbed construction for extra strength

Durable synthetic skin held in place by black aluminium counter hoop with 4 tension rods

Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous São Paulo factory

Supplied fully assembled and includes tuning key


The repique or repinique is a high pitched tenor drum, used to play the basic samba groove, solo phrases as well as calls and responses. She is also responsible for calling in the whole bateria (drum group). It normally has a skin on both ends, and its pitch sits between the surdo (bass drum) and the caixa (snare drum). This model comes with one playing head and one open end.

Izzo's new Junior series are built using thinner aluminium making them lighter and cheaper - perfect for younger players. An ingenious ridged design makes them just as strong (and loud!) as the standard range, meaning they'll easily survive the everyday perils of the classroom.

Izzo Junior 10" Repique

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£48.00Sale Price
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