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This set of three nesting drums from Izzo are genuine, Brazilian made street samba drums. A 10" repinique, 14" and 16" surdo all produce a vibrant, powerful tone and are perfect for street demonstrations, parties, festivals as well as additions to samba kits in schools and music institutions.


Traditionally, the surdos provide the basic samba beat whilst the repinique is given the fast an flashy rhythmic interest with typically syncopated patterns. In a bateria, you will also often find drums such as caixa, tamborim, chocalho, cuíca and agogô bells.


These drums are made in Brazil, the home of samba. Manufactured from aluminium, they are sturdy and lightweight making them ideal for playing on the move, or even whilst dancing. They are a great value and make the perfect addition to any samba set.


Nesting qualities

The Izzo Street Samba three pack fit conveniently into each other for easy transport and storage. They only have drums skins on the top of the drum, making it easy to stack them inside each other.


Play seated or standing

Foam rubber feet are supplied for seated playing, protecting the floor and preventing damage to the drum. You are also able to play standing or on the move by connecting a strap (sold separately).

Izzo Street Samba Pack 3 drums

£265.00 Regular Price
£225.00Sale Price
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