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Durable and lightweight ABS plastic shell

Fitted with a 10" Nylon head and 5 pairs of tin jingles

Hard-wearing galvanized counter hoop with 6 hook tuners

Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous São Paulo factory

Available in 5 colours


Just like a tambourine, the shallow pandeiro drum has metal jingles (or platinelas) attached to its shell. It’s played with the hand and can create all sorts of interesting sounds and fast rhythms to colour samba music.

This model has a single 10" white Nylon skin that can be tightened by using the supplied key to adjust the hook tuners. Unlike the larger drums in the Standard series, its shell is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It's a material which is similar to that used to make Lego bricks and is very light and produces a crisp, bright sound.

Izzo 10" Pandeiro Blue

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