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Set of three surdos includes one blue 12" drum, one green 14" drum, and one yellow 16" drum.


Made from lightweight aluminium - perfect for young players

Drums nest like a Russian doll making them easy to store and transport

Black Napa heads provide a warm tone

Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous Sao Paolo factory


These surdos are available in 4 sizes which are designed to nest inside each other Russian doll style - they have no skin on the bottom face to facilitate this. To compensate for the lost depth of tone this causes, each drum is fitted with a high quality black napa head rather than the usual synthetic skins.


Attach the rubber feet supplied when playing with the drum in the floor for better sound. The feet also protect the underside of the drum and the surface when being played on the floor.

Set of three, budget IZZO Nesting Surdos Set 12” 14” 16”

£369.00 Regular Price
£300.00Sale Price
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