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Pictures From Past Wymondley Wood Weekender Courses

Beautiful summer countryside
Group after a great weekend
Caixa students having a great time
The all inclusive venue
Fun at the camp fire
Powerful brazilian rhythms
bateria session
Play lots and learn loads
Full on Carnival bloco session
Naipe de Surdo
Atabaque playing
Camp fire live music and fun
Cavaco teacher Andy Carter
Big bateria sound
Students love playing atabaque
Studying congas
Learn Atabaque drums
Fabio Allman singing on previous course
Fabio Allman singing
Student playing Caixa emcima
outside drumming
Samba on congas
Chorinho playing
Breakout space for further learning
The students loved it
Letting loose at the end of the course
Ah 1 2 3 2 2 3
Top sessions
Learning great lyrics to beautiful songs
students learning cavaco
Fun and diversion at the camp fire
Congas sounding great
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