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Crafted with a traditional resonant ribbed aluminium shell and matte finish, this repique stands 12" in diameter and 30cm in height. It features two Nylon drumheads, chrome hardware with 12 tension rods, and is authentically manufactured in a famous São Paolo factory. Supplied fully assembled with a tuning key, it's ready to play right out of the box.



The repique or repinique as it is also called, is a vital component in samba music, a high-pitched drum that leads rhythms and signals changes. With skins on both ends, it bridges the gap between deep surdos and smaller drums. Featuring gleaming chrome counter hoops and 12 adjustable tension rods, its aluminium shell and durable white Nylon skins produce the quintessential carnival tone.


Why not come on one of our courses or book us for a workshop to learn how to get the most from all the instruments in our shop including this repique.

Izzo Pro 12” Repique / Repinique

Only 5 left in stock
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