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Made from thinner lightweight aluminium - perfect for young players

Approximate dimensions: 10" head diameter and 17cm height. Lightweight and easy to hold

Fitted with two synthetic drum heads. One thinner on the snare side.

Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous São Paulo factory


The Caixa is a snare drum with thick wires that is tuned to a high pitch and used to play the repetitive driving rhythms that give samba music its drive. Unlike its Western marching band counterpart, it's played snare-side up.

In the vibrant streets of Brazil, the caixa drum is the heartbeat of the rhythm, cutting through the air with its infectious groove. From samba reggae and ijexa to funk and coco, it's the glue that keeps the crowd moving.


Want to learn this instrument? Book us for a workshop or attend one we are running here in UK or Brazil. Click HERE for more info


Izzo 10" caixa

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