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Escola de Bateria Rio. 2 week Holiday Drumming Course in Rio de Janeiro

Escola de Bateria Rio. 2 week Holiday Drumming Course in Rio de Janeiro

Study, play, party, sight see, sun bathe, repeat. Become the best you can be with the masters of brazilian rhythm. Make connections with the drumming superstars of carnival. Play the authentic samba rhythms in the place where the locals learn all while using the same instruments they use and in the same venues. Attend rehearsals and performances of Samba schools and Blocos, Watch amazing shows, sightsee, samba and sit on the beach. Not only that but we will put your up in a beautiful, fully equipped, clean and comfortable apartment in Copacabana, right near the beach. Sound good? "The best two weeks of my life" Some people have found this course so inviting that they have done it 3 times!! Places are strictly limited. This life changing and unique experience is designed to wow and inspire you. Not only will you get the chance to study with and play alongside people who create the music you love but also the added bonus of being connected straight into the vast percussion scene in Rio. This could take several trips alone to accomplish. We believe that we have the best contacts within the scene in Rio and we want you to have them too. We take away all the faff and get you straight to the source. All this while staying in beautiful apartments in the world famous copacabana beach area. Please make sure to read the course criteria in the more info section to be eligible for this unique course. Each year we work with world famous musicians and groups. Here are just a few names from previous trips. G.R.E.S Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, G.R.E.S Estação Primeira de Mangueira, G.R.E.S Unidos do Viradouro, G.R.E.S Imperatriz Leopoldinense, G.R.E.S Portela, G.R.E.S Vila Isabel, G.R.E.S Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, Monobloco, Marcos Suzano, Jongo da Serrinha, Nei de Oxossi, Oficina Roda de Samba with Fabiano Salek, Bloco Chinelo de dedo, DuRio, Pandeiro Repique Duo, Rio Maracatu, Batuque Digital, Mestre Marrom, Mestre Maurão, Mestre Marcão, Mestre Lolo, Mestre Junior, Mestre Dudu, Mestre Macaco Branco, Mestra Thalita Santos, Mariana Braga, Waguinho do Repique, Vitinho Botelho, Jhones Thuram, Anderson Vilmar. Dudu Fuentes, Celso Alvim, Cidon Silva, C.A. Ferrari, Mario Moura, Leo Saad, Fabio Allman (Fabão), Feijão (Marcus Rios Santos), Rei do Tamborim, Chicote, Luiza Marmello, Lazir Sinval and many many more Venues used for classes Circo Voador, Fundição progresso, Sala Baden Powell, Samba school quadras at Mangueira, Salgueiro, Viradouro, Mocidade (old quadra), Vila Isabel, Portela and Imperatriz, PLAP produçoes, Condminio Novo Leblon, Maracatu Brasil, Casa do Jongo, Espaco Batuque Digital, Cidade das artes. General Enquiries 0044 7562 598940
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Carnaval Transatlântico Bloco LAPA - Gringo Samba da Inglaterra na Lapa!

Carnaval Transatlântico Bloco LAPA - Gringo Samba da Inglaterra na Lapa!

Carnaval Transatlântico Bloco LAPA - Gringo Samba da Inglaterra na Lapa! Bloco formado só com britânicos na bateria vai estrear no Rio - Carnaval Transatlântico 3 British carnival groups led by JP (John Paul Courtney) head to Rio under the name Carnaval Transatlântico to play with friends from Monobloco & beyond. In February 2014, 18 members of Ziriguidum travelled to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to take part in the Carnaval Transatlântico project under the musical direction of John Paul Courtney. The project included successful performances at a number of shows and carnival events around the city and attracted an appreciative local audience and considerable media interest in Brazil. Toque Tambor - after ten years of playing Brazilian Carnival music to the lovely people of Hertfordshire, we are finally taking a small band of drummers to Rio de Janeiro! Toque Tambor concentrate closely on the style of music played by the Samba Schools and Carnival Blocos of Rio de Janeiro. This music is played on the same instruments as the Samba Schools of Rio but incorporates rhythms from other parts of Brazil and the western world e.g Congo, Ciranda, Marcha and Funk. More information about the Lapa gig from 'Carnaval Transatlântico': Bloco inglês taken from Brasilian media who followed the group around in Rio. 'Carnaval Transatlântico': Bloco inglês estreia na Lapa neste sábado Grupo formando por 45 ritmistas estrangeiros se apresentará no bairro boêmio às 17h Rio - Formado por 45 ritmistas ingleses, o bloco Carnaval Transatlântico faz sua estreia nos Arcos da Lapa neste sábado, às 17h. O professor de música natural da Irlanda, John Paul Courtney, de 35 anos, se apaixonou pele batuque brasileiro e aprendeu a tocar diversos ritmos. Junto com vários outros percursionistas da terra da "Rainha Mãe", o bloco se tornou um sucesso.
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