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Free E-book worth £30 for every workshop participant. 

The best of the best bateria breaks from the top samba schools at the latest Rio carnival.

With - Mestre Maurão, Gabriel Lopes and JP Courtney

Mar 22 - Apr 11 2022
Workshops in the UK, Ireland and rest of Europe. Book onto a workshop or book the team to come to your school, uni or band. 

Bossas 2022 follows from the huge success of it's first tour in 2019 with another 3 weeks tour of the best of all the bateria breaks, stops, starts, calls, warmups, techniques and stylistic changes which will have just been premiered by the samba schools at the most recent carnival in Brazil.

Each workshop participant will be given a free e-book which includes not only the bossas taught at the workshop but also historical info about Bateria Bossas and the various baterias in Rio. This includes the basic grooves for the baterias. Info which is worth much more than the cost of attending a workshop. All written by Gabriel Lopes the writer of the book "As Bossas do Mestre Maurão"

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Dates TBC


Dates TBC

Mar 26-27

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At JP Percussion and Samba Beats we're passionate for ritmistas around the world to be able to keep up with the latest trends, fads and musical fashions which come out of carnival each year. We also know through continuous work in the scene that musicians are equally as keen to keep up with these latest trends. For these reasons and for our sheer love and passion for Brazilian music we have created this exciting new workshop concept. The first Escola de Bateria - Bossas tour will impress, inform, up skill and entertain participants from all over Europe.

Presented by three world class leaders. Mestre Maurão (Rio), Gabriel Lopes (Rio) and JP Courtney (Ireland).

The workshop tour is lead by Mestre Maurão. He is well known for his musical ability and infectious command of several high ranking baterias in Rio, Mestre Maurão is regarded as one of the best in his field. After having never dropped one tenth of one point for the samba schools he has worked with his reputation is excellent.

As well as some weekend and one day workshops which will be open to players to join we are also giving the opportunity for you to book a session with your own group. Sessions are limited in availability. Please use the form on this page to contact us and let us know if you are interested in booking a workshop.

News on open sessions and tickets will be posted on this page.

Workshops will be presented with skilled teachers in a fun and high level, educative, atmosphere.

Participants will receive written notes of the classes to take home for further study.

The workshops will be aimed at not only people who already play in Brazilian carnival groups but also musicians of other instruments, percussionists and music students from universities and schools.
We will especially be giving workshops to professionally performing musicians and people who teach their own batucada groups.
We would love you to be part of this project and invite you to read the information below. We are also very happy to discuss the ways in which we can work together and get the best result for your group or event.
Contact us using the form on this page or you can phone or WhatsApp (0044)7759943737