Give your hands a treat while reducing your carbon footprint with this square pandeiro. Made from recycled materials by Marcus China instruments in Rio.

Also known as Pandeiro de Quadra and Pansquareo, this fantastically simple yet sturdy handmade instrument sounds incredible, is super light and looks amazing.

Great open tones contrasted by sharp slaps and surprisingly crisp sounding jingles work together to create an instrument worthy of being playing on any stage. If you already play pandeiro this is a must to add to your collection. If you are just starting and want something with a low price to get you going then you have found it.

Weight - 308 grams

Width 20cm

Depth 4cm

Plastic head made from a soft drinks bottle.

6 sets of Jingles made from beer bottle tops.

Square Pandeiro

Caixa de fosforo jppercussion

was £42


plus P&P