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Participants should provide their own instruments if possible. Please note that you cannot split a ticket for both workshops between two people. Full terms and conditions here


In association with ART BRASIL.


The first of the days sessions will be on the tamborim. The most unassuming of Brazil's percussion instruments. Small yet perfectly formed and with as many ways to play it as there are people who play it. Just look down the line of tamborims at any samba school and you will see a variety of ways just hold the instrument and play it. There are lots of different types of tamborim sticks as well as playing techniques. 

In this session we will cover three of the most popular techniques used to create the famous "carreteiro" or samba swing. They are - 3:1, 2:1 and 1:1. There will also be some time spent on some long phrases and soloing ideas. All in all you should walk away from this session with the tools to turn you into a tamborim sensação. JP, having been a member of the Monobloco show band is well placed to take on to the next level of your playing and understanding of the instrument. Some tamborims and beaters may be available for those that don't have them. There will also be some on sale depending on our stock levels.

Escola de Bateria Skills Day

Tamborim & Pandeiro

12-6pm Saturday 24 Mar 2018




Arguably the jewel in the crown of Brazilian drums. Perfect for almost any musical situation with it's combination of bass, mid and high pitch notes. Combined with a variety of playing techniques it is truly one of the most explored of Brazilian percussion instruments. During the session you will learn the style made famous by Marcus Suzano and played my many famous players around the world. An active left hand moves the pandeiro in a continuous back forward motion whilst different parts of the hand striking the head are used to create many different sounds.

The result is a powerful sound and the ability to sound like a whole bateria on one instrument. We will cover a range of grooves from Brazil's top players plus some of JP's own creations.