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Bramblebrook Community Centre, Stockbrook St, Derby DE22 3WH


Early bird until Mon 23 April 10pm - One workshop £15 / Both £25
Full price from Mon 23 April 10pm - One workshop £20 / Both £35 
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Participants should provide their own instruments if possible. Please note that you cannot split a ticket for both workshops between two people. Full terms and conditions here


In association with ART BRASIL.


There are many different types of repique (or 4th surdo as it's sometimes referred) in Brazil and many different styles of playing. The instrument itself is basically a snare drum with the snare wire removed and it takes its playing style from the atabaque drums of the candomblé religion. The repique has 3 functions: 1) Assist the surdos to hold the marking downbeats of the samba rhythm. 2) Solo. 3) Make calls to which the rest of the bateria respond.

In this session we will concentrate on the playing technique of a few different versions of the repique: Repique comun (the 12" repique that plays the basic 4 note samba groove) and Repique central/Repique espalha (the repique that makes the calls and solos). This will be a fun session with the intention of bringing you on to the next level whatever stage you are at on the repique.

Escola de Bateria Skills Day

Repique & Timbau

12-6pm Sunday 29 Apr 2018



Also derived from the atabaque drums of candomblé, the Timbau is a more recent addition to the batteries of Brazil. Made famous by Carlinhos Brown's group Timbalada, it is now widely used throughout Brazil. 


Utilising its distinctive opens, slaps and rich bass tones, you will learn several grooves usable in different forms of Brazilian music; Samba, Maculelê, Ijexa, Samba Reggae and Barravento. We will also study some playing technique and soloing ideas. We will combine what you learned in the repique class and play both instruments at the same time.