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Escola de Bateria presents
Roda de Samba
Percussion & Choral Workshop

A day of beautiful melodies and rhythms with J P Courtney & Mika De Oliveira, in association with ART BRASIL

SATURDAY 13 MAY 2017 12-5pm

ART BRASIL, King St Studios, 14A King St, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire, ST5 1EJ

Individual £25 (Limited places available)


The day will include lessons on a variety of percussion instruments and songs in Portuguese with a focus on arrangements with choral harmonies.


The popular music setting of a Roda de Samba utilises the many beautiful Samba songs but in a more intimate setting than a Bateria from a Samba School or Bloco. It relies on vocal, dance and clapping participation from its audience members and is a great way to create a party atmosphere in a smaller venue setting i.e a bar, someone's home, the street, beach etc and anything can be used as an instrument.


Voice, Repique de Mão, Pandeiro, Tamborim, Agogô, Conga, Surdo, Tan tan.
Participants can bring their own instruments and some will be provided.



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Participants should provide their own instruments if possible.


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