Multi purpose printed plastic film for surdo drums.

For hide or plastic headed Surdos we offer printed plastic sheeting called pelicula. Every samba school is now using it because it's cheap, stops the hide from getting wet, helps keep the drums tuning, improves the warmth of the sound, is easy and quick to fit and looks fantastic. It can also be used on plastic heads.


Here's some simple steps for mounting it.

1 - Put the drum on the floorwith the playing side facing upwards.

2 - Remove all the nuts and the tuning ring but leave the head on.

3 - Place the film on top of the drum head and place it on the inside of the tuning rods.

4 - Put the tuning ring back on.

5 - Now tune the drum up making sure the film is pull taught in all directions and there are no wrinkles.

Printed surdo head cover

Sizes 16" - 29"
  • A minimum order total of £400 plus P&P is required for printed heads and surdo covers.


    Wait time is 6 weeks as these are printed by our partners in Brazil. Please add additional time during holiday and carnival season.


    Franco Percussion have been making and decorating drums for samba schools in Rio and São Paulo for a number of years now. Their clients include Salgueiro, Viradouro, Mocidade among many many others.