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Robust stainless steel body shell

Natural rawhide drum head

Hard wearing chrome plated hardware

Lightweight at only 2kg

Hugely popular instrument in samba and carnival music

Made in São Paulo, Brazil


The 'cuica' is a Brazilian friction drum. An instrument which is rather unique in that it has a large pitch range controlled by the player via a large stick fixed to the center of the drum head.

The stick is rubbed with a damp cloth - this produces the sound - whilst the players other hand applies pressure to the drum head in order to change the pitch. A shoulder strap holds the drum in place.

This model has a stainless steel shell with a natural rawhide head. it has 8 tuning lugs and all the hardware is chrome plated. It is a comparatively small drum, especially when compared to the more common Surdo found in samba groups but is lightweight and easy to carry.

Izzo stainless steel 8'' cuíca

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