Print your own drum heads

Minimum order of £400 plus P&P

Wow your audiences and give your performances a much bigger impact with your bands very own printed drums heads.


This is a must for all bands if you want to brighten up your look and get the cameras flashing on you.


Available in sizes from 6" - 26" and made from nylon.

Heads can be pre stretched so they don't have to played in.


Printed for us by Franco Percussion in São Paulo.


For hide headed Surdos we offer printed plastic sheeting called pelicula. Every samba school is now using it. It's cheap, stops the hide from getting wet, helps keep the drums tuning, improves the warmth of the sound, is easy and quick to fit and looks fantastic.

There is a minimum order value of £400 excluding P&P.

Print your own drum heads
Printed surdo head cover