A day of samba study with 

JP Courtney - direction, percussion & vocals
Mika de Oliveira - percussion & vocals
& Andy Carter - cavaquinho & vocals

in association with ART BRASIL.


A day of beautiful melodies and rhythms from the homes, streets, bars and clubs of Brazil. The popular music setting of a Roda de Samba utilises the many beautiful Samba songs but in a more intimate setting than a bateria from a Samba School or Bloco. It relies on vocal, dance and clapping participation from its audience members and is a great way to create a party atmosphere in a smaller venue setting i.e a bar, someone's home, the street, beach etc and anything can be used as an instrument.

The day will include lessons on a variety of percussion instruments, optional cavaquinho class, songs in Portuguese and traditional arrangements. The cavaquinho class is limited in numbers and can be booked during registration on a first come first served basis.

Simple percussion parts alongside easy to learn melodies will make this workshop a fun learning experience for all drummers and string players.

Cavaquinho, Repique de mão , Surdo with hide head on stand, Rebolo, Pandeiro with nylon head, Tamborim with hide head. Optional addition of caixa and 2 conga parts for experienced players.

Percussion, Voice & Cavaquinho

Roda de Samba

12-6pm Sat 13 Oct 2018



The Band Factory, 13 Althorpe St, Leamington Spa CV31 2AU


On sale from Monday 28 May 2018
Early bird tickets - Individual £35 / Group of 5 £150 (£30 ea)
Full price - Individual £40

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