Escola de Bateria

These are series of special one off workshops consisting of group playing, individual instrument technique, modern arrangements, songs and tips on how to direct.


National Tamborim Day


This is a very special one off workshop focusing on all things Tamborim.


The day will be spent learning various aspects of the instrument.

From the development of the telecoteco to the modern styles of carreteiro used to produce the characteristic sound of the amazing instrument.


There will be input on-

How to choose the right tamborim


What type of heads to use

How to play with different types of sticks

Three part rhythms

Group playing


and more


There will also be an opportunity to buy some tamborims and various types of heads on the day.


The sessions will move at a medium to fast pace.


This is suitable for people who

  • already play in a Brazilian carnival band

  • play other styles of percussion

  • are musically trained

  • dancers who would like to learn or improve their percussion skills

Participants need to provide their own instruments where possible. Some may be available on request.


As well as running weekly and monthy rehearsals in Hitchin, Bristol and Birmingham J-P also teaches special series and one off workshops around the UK and Europe.


JP Courtney is known internationally for not only his knowledge and technical ability in Brazilian music but also as a teacher. His style has seen some great results with various successful projects at national and international level.


His workshops are a great way to improve existing skills, learn new ones and get inside the heart of Brazilian carnival music.

They're also a great way to meet other musicians and people who already play Brazilian music in your area.