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Pandeiro with Marcos Suzano info

These are series of special one off workshops consisting of group playing, individual instrument technique, modern arrangements, songs, tips on how to direct, instruments tuning and anything else related to playing Brazilian percussion.


Pandeiro workshpo with Marcos Suzano


Having being a rock fan in his teens, Marcos Suzano later discovered Brazilian percussion, having taken the surdo, the cuíca, and finally, the pandeiro. He is now considered one of the most creative percussionists of Brazilian pop. A sideman for Gilberto Gil, Zé Kéti, Aquarela Carioca (on the CDs Aquarela Carioca, 1989, and Contos, 1991), Zizi Possi, Marisa Monte, and Ney Matogrosso (on the CD As Aparências Enganam, 1996), among others, Suzano's association with Lenine yielded the praised CD Olho de Peixe (1993), with Northeastern rhythms rendered in an electronica setting. Suzano's first solo CD, Sambatown, was launched in 1996.

His technical innovations on pandeiro include an active left hand, which simultaneously holds and flips the instrument, with a very rapid right-hand technique that emphasizes bass strokes from the fingertips as well as the thumb. He has researched African rhythms and freely mixes modern funk riffs with traditional Brazilian folk patterns.

The class will move at a medium to fast pace and is recommended for people who already play Pandeiro or people who are already percussionists.


Participants need to provide their own instruments where possible. Some may be available on request.