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Escola de Bateria Rio - Terms and conditions


A £300 or alternative currency amount equivalent, non-refundable deposit is necessary to secure your place on the course. Upon registration you can choose to just pay the deposit or ny amount greater than that up to the full fee. This amount is deducted from the total fee. 

It is possible to pay by monthly direct debit to spread the payments. Please get in contact to arrange this.

J P Percussion Ltd does not accept liability for any travel or other costs incurred by the participant in the event of the course being cancelled.

The course co-ordinator has the right to refuse registration.


A non refundable deposit of £300 or alternative currency amount equivalent, is payable upon registration.

From the remainder of your course fee the following is charged.

  • Refunds within 90 days of course start date = 20% of remainder

  • Refunds within 70 days of course start date = 50% of remainder

  • Refunds within 60 days of course start date = 100% of workshop cost

New bookings or payment instalments made after the final course payment deadline will not be eligible for any refunds. 


Changing names

Names on a booking may be changed with a £25 admin fee providing the person taking the booking as been approved by the organiser. If you have booked to share a room and the person taking the booking is of a different sexual orientation to you then any additional costs as a result of cancelling and booking new accommodation must be paid by the person cancelling the booking.  

To change the name of a person on a booking please use the contact page.



In the unlikely event of the course being cancelled by us, a full refund will be given. No liability is accepted for additional costs incurred by the student.


It is the responsibility of the student to arrange their own travel, travel insurance, airport transfer plus any jabs or medical needs.

Please note that Rio de Janeiro is not a yellow fever area. Go here for more info.

Please go here For foreign travel advice including info on Covid 19 and other health related travel information for Brazil.

In the event of the course being cancelled due to government restrictions being enforced we will issue a full refund minus any booking fees. We will not be issuing refunds to participants who cannot attend any part of the course due to illness from Covid19 or any other virus.


The safety of every member of the group is our first priority and something we take very seriously. If there is something that you think we should be concerned about please do let us know.

Participants are encouraged to use hearing protection during sessions. Hearing protection must be provided by the participant. We advise you buy this in your home country as they are hard to find in Brazil.

Respect policy

We do not tolerate any kind of bullying, racism, sexism or disrespect of members of the group, organisers or tutors. Anyone found to be breaking these rules will be kindly asked to leave the course and no refunds will be issued.

We ask everyone to work together to get the best for the whole group over the course. Each one looking out for the other whilst working in a supportive manner. If we all follow these simple rules we will have the best time possible.

Accommodation Policy

Participants must adhere to the rules of their respective apartments. No parties or guests are allowed (unless authorised by the course co-ordinator or apartment owner) Any damage caused must be paid for by the participant.

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