The pocket bateria is proud to present it's own range of this traditional Roda de Samba instrument the Caixa de Fósforo (Match box)


Made in Rio by Marcos China with artwork by Zani Franklin, this is a must for any samba player. Keep it in your pocket at all times so you are ready when the samba needs you.


There are 10 to collect each with a different character and all with the same great Marcos China sound.

Caixa de Fósforo

Caixa de fosforo jppercussion


10 to collect!

Adrian (Agogô)
Adrian (Agogô)

Barbara (Pandeiro)
Barbara (Pandeiro)

Roxy (Caixa)
Roxy (Caixa)

Adrian (Agogô)
Adrian (Agogô)


10 to collect

Roxy - Caixa

Tiny - Tamborim

Rory - Repique

Willow - Surdo

Adrian - Agogô

Charlie - Chocalho

Barbara - Pandeiro

Cliff - Cavaquinho

Orla - Porta Bandeira

One man band man