A weekend of Brazilian carnival music study with 

J P Courtney- Direction, vocals

Andy Carter- Cavaco

Mika De Oliveira- Vocals, assistant direction 


From samba to ciranda and surdo to tamborim! Escola de Bateria  has been all over the UK over the last year and has just returned from Rio with lots of fresh ideas to bring to this Birmingham Weekender!

Learn new rhythms, musical arrangements, songs, and percussion instrument techniques, meeting old friends and new. Moving at a medium to fast pace, the workshop day is best suited for those who already play in a bateria/percussion ensemble and other musicians.


During the weekender we will be working on bateria arrangements, technique, songs, as well as Roda de Samba.

For the bateria sessions percussion instruments include caixa, repique, surdo, tamborim, agogô, chocalho & timba. Please bring your 1st and 2nd bateria instrument choice if possible.


For the Roda de Samba session we will all learn a popular song, percussion and cavaco (optional). Percussion instruments include nylon pandeiro, repique de mão, rebolo, reco reco, repique de anel, surdo (with hide head) and cavaco. If you have any of these instruments, please bring them along.

Escola de Bateria

Birmingham Weekender

12-5pm Sat 10 & Sun 11 Feb 2018



Muthers Studio, 14 Rea St S, Birmingham B5 6LB


Early bird from 6 Dec- Individual £55 / Group of 5 £225 (£45 each)
Full price from 15 Jan- Individual £65

Full terms and conditions here


In association with ART BRASIL.