Baterias 2020 - Glasgow


Sat 9 - Sun 10 May 2020

A fun weekend of samba study focusing on the latest grooves, breaks and fun rhythmical inventions from the Samba schools at the Rio 2020 carnival.

Tutors - JP CourtneyGabriel Lopes and Roddy Dickson



Each workshop participant will be given a free e-book worth £30 which includes not only the bossas taught at the workshop but also historical info about Bateria Bossas and the various baterias in Rio. It also shows how the modern samba enredos are musicall constructed. Plus the basic grooves for the baterias. All written by Gabriel Lopes the writer of the book "As Bossas do Mestre Maurão" and "As Bossas do Mestre Dudu.



The Drummy

53 Kilbirnie Street, Glasgow, G5 8JD


Sat / Sun 1200 - 1700 with breaks


Early bird tickets only for the first 15 bookings

Early Bird individual - £75

Early Bird group of 5 - £325 (£65 each)


Full Price

Individual £85
(No group rate available)


First fill in the registration form on this page. to confirm your place. Registrations will only be accepted once you have made payment.

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Free E-book worth £30 for every workshop participant. 



This is truly a special workshop to come to Glasgow. A rare opportunity to study the latest grooves, breaks and rhytmical inventions from the baterias at the 2020 Rio Carnival.

This weekender is for people who play in carnival bands, drumming groups, percussionists and other musicians. All material is fresh from the 2020 Rio Carnival.


As a special treat participants will receive a free e-book containing information on the history of baterias plus written notation of both all the music taught during the workshop and the grooves of the the top samba schools in Rio.

Learn new rhythms, musical arrangements, songs, and instrumental techniques. All facilitated by world class tutors whilst meeting old friends and making new ones.

Caixa, repique, surdo, tamborim, agogô, chocalho & timba. Please bring both your 1st and 2nd bateria instrument choice if possible.

If you're not able to bring any instruments, please contact us.